Power Unleashed Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS Detailed Review


The Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS stands as the pinnacle of the iconic British naked bike lineage, boasting sheer power and a promise of exhilaration. With its raw 180-horsepower engine, a nimble lightweight chassis, and a cutting-edge electronics suite, it sets the stage for an electrifying and immersive riding journey.

Engine and Performance

Power and Torque:

The heart of the Speed Triple 1200 RS is a 1,160cc, inline-triple cylinder engine that produces 180 hp at 10,750 rpm and 125 Nm of torque at 9,000 rpm a significant increase from the previous generation, which had a 1,050cc engine with 150 hp and 117 Nm. engine is also lighter, more compact, and more efficient, thanks to a new crankshaft, pistons, and cylinder head.

triumph speed triple 1200 rs review

Sound and Character:

The engine is undoubtedly the star of the show, as it delivers a phenomenal performance and sound that is hard to match by any other naked bike. The power delivery is smooth and linear, but also explosive and exhilarating, especially in the higher rev range. The engine pulls strongly from as low as 2,000 rpm but comes alive after 6,000 rpm, where it unleashes a torrent of torque and a spine-tingling soundtrack.

The engine sounds even more glorious than the smaller Triumph triples, with a deep growl that transitions to a high-pitched howl as the revs climb. The engine also has a lot of character and personality, as it shudders and groans at low revs as if urging you to give it more gas.



Acceleration and Wheelies:

The engine is capable of propelling the Speed Triple 1200 RS to insane speeds in no time, with a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 3.1 seconds and a top speed of over 250 km/h. The acceleration delivers an exhilarating rush, engaging your senses and providing an intense experience that feels like an energetic embrace from the bike. The bike also pops wheelies effortlessly, even in third gear, thanks to the abundant torque and the relatively short wheelbase.

The wheelie control system is quite effective, though, and prevents the front wheel from going too high. However, the wheelie control and traction control systems are linked, which means you can’t adjust them separately. This can be annoying, as some riders might prefer more or less intervention from either system.


Fuel Capacity:

Speed Triple 1200 RS fuel tank capacity of 15.5-litre, which gives a range of about 200 km, depending on the riding mode and style. 


Riding Experience

Chassis and Suspension:

The Speed Triple 1200 RS isn’t solely defined by its engine; it delivers an exceptional riding experience thanks to its well-engineered chassis, suspension, brakes, and electronics. Sporting a lighter and sturdier aluminum frame compared to its predecessor, along with a fresh single-sided swingarm that’s both lighter and longer, this bike’s agility and stability get a significant boost.


The bike features a fully adjustable Öhlins suspension setup, comprising a 43 mm NIX30 upside-down fork at the front and a TTX36 twin-tube mono-shock at the rear. This top-notch suspension strikes a perfect balance between comfort and performance, catering to diverse riding styles and road conditions. It’s sporty and firm without being uncomfortably harsh, adeptly smoothing out bumps and potholes. Moreover, it instills confidence by keeping the bike composed, even at high speeds and in challenging corners.

Brakes and ABS:

The bike also has a powerful braking system, with Brembo Stylema monobloc calipers and 320 mm discs at the front, and a Brembo twin-piston caliper and 220 mm disc at the rear. The brakes are phenomenal, as they offer a strong and progressive bite, with good modulation and feel. The brakes also have an IMU-assisted ABS, which works well to prevent wheel lock-ups and skids, without being too intrusive. The ABS also has a cornering function, which adjusts the braking pressure according to the lean angle, enhancing the safety and control of the bike.


Electronics and TFT Screen:

The Speed Triple 1200 RS comes packed with advanced tech, boasting a sharp 5-inch TFT screen that’s not only clear but also customizable. It gives you all the vital stats like speed, RPM, fuel, and more. Plus, it syncs effortlessly with your smartphone via the My Triumph app, letting you control navigation, GoPro, calls, and music with ease using a handy joystick on the left switchgear.


Talking about the ride, it’s a thrill! This bike strikes a balance between being easy and challenging depending on your style. It adapts smoothly to different roads, be it city streets, long highways, or winding mountain paths. Comfort-wise, it’s a win too, offering a spacious seat, wide handlebars, and a relaxed riding position. The added flyscreen does a great job deflecting wind, keeping you protected on the road.

Weight and Seat Height:

Speed Triple 1200 RS weight, is 198 kg (dry), which is quite heavy for a naked bike. The weight can be felt when maneuvering the bike at low speeds, or when lifting it off the side stand. The weight also affects the agility and nimbleness of the bike, as it makes it less flickable and responsive than some of its lighter rivals. the seat height, which is 830 mm, which is quite normal for a naked bike.


Design and Features

Design and Quality:

The Speed Triple 1200 RS stands out for its striking and sleek design that’s loaded with meticulous details and top-notch quality. Featuring an aggressive front end with distinctive twin LED headlights forming the Triumph logo’s shape with daytime running lights (DRL), this bike exudes power. Its muscular fuel tank adorned with a carbon fiber cover and brushed aluminum filler cap adds to its bold look.

The compact tail section flaunts a sleek LED tail light and a minimal rear fender, while the single-sided swingarm reveals the rear wheel and chain, contributing to its sporty elegance.


“Distinctive Styling and Performance Enhancements:

Offered in 4 colors Sapphire Black, Carnival Red, Matt Baja Orange, and Matt Silver Ice, all colors exude charm, but the black variant gives off a stealthy and commanding vibe that’s hard to resist. Additionally, it’s the little details that count, like the RS logo on the fuel tank and seat, the Triumph logo on the engine cover and radiator guard, and the Union Jack flag on the front fender and swingarm. Enhanced by premium components like Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, Metzeler tires, and Arrow exhaust, this bike not only looks stunning but also performs exceptionally well.


Price :

Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS stands out in the bike market for its competitive price starting from Rs. 17.95 Lakh (ex-showroom) in India. This premium bike offers exceptional value, boasting a powerful engine, top-notch suspension, brakes, electronics, and a striking design. Additionally, enticing finance, and insurance options, make owning this bike more accessible. 

Features and Accessories

There’s a lot to like about the Triumph Speed Triple features that make it more practical and convenient, such as the keyless ignition, the cruise control, the USB charging port, and the adjustable levers. The bike also has some accessories that can be added to make it more personalized and functional, such as the heated grips, the luggage system, the alarm system, and the tire pressure monitoring system.

Keyless Ignition:

Start the bike without a key by simply having the key fob nearby. Convenient and secure, eliminating worries about losing or theft.

Cruise Control: 

Set and maintain your desired speed hassle-free, great for long rides. Easily controlled via switchgear buttons or braking.

USB Charging Port: 

Located under the seat with a protective cover, keeps your devices charged while riding. Connects to the bike’s Bluetooth system for added functionality.

Adjustable Levers:  

Customize brake and clutch lever positions for comfort and control. Four settings are available for a tailored fit.

Additional Accessories:

Enhance the bike with heated grips for colder weather, a luggage system for extra storage, an alarm system for security, and a tire pressure monitoring system for safety and performance.

These features and accessories offer personalized functionality and convenience to elevate your riding experience with the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS.



The Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS delivers an electrifying ride packed with power, excitement, and a sleek, high-quality design. It offers comfort and versatility, demanding skill and road respect. Among the top rides I’ve experienced, it’s a thrilling choice that requires careful handling. Ideal for those seeking a versatile naked bike that offers a thrilling ride.


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