You Won’t Believe Top 10  Accessories  for Your Triumph Speed 400 or Scrambler 400 X

Bar-end mirrors

provide a better rear view and reduce vibrations You can choose between a black or chrome finish for the Speed 400 and the Scrambler

Double-barrel silencers

These silencers are made of stainless steel and have a brushed finish.sound more powerful and sporty look.

LED bullet indicators

LED bullet indicators that  come with machined aluminium bezels and satin black bodies. & teardrop-shaped LED indicators consume less power and last longer than conventional  bulbs.

Radiator guard

This metal mesh that covers the front of your radiator and allows air to flow through while blocking unwanted objects It also improves the look of your bike.

 Made of metal and has a Triumph logo on its front. It is attached to the upper part of the 43 mm USD forks with four bolts on each side.

Front fender

Engine bars

Minimize the damage to your bike in case of a fall or a crash.are metal tubes that surround your engine and act as a buffer against impacts some extra support for your legs and feet.

Quilted seat

Quilted seats enhance your comfort and style, and heated grips for that extra comfort while riding.

Luggage options for both bikes include soft panniers, top boxes (semi-rigid or rigid), and a nylon bag. It also has a rear rack where you can attach a roll-top bag from Triumph.

Luggages Option

front-fly screen & headlight grille 

Reduce wind blasts and improve aerodynamics, you can install a front-fly screen on your bike, headlight grille  wire-mesh cover that protects your headlight from stones, branches and other obstacles.

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